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Office Account

Office collections are funded by Air Force headquarters for mission essential items and held by individual units on base. The library is responsible for authorizing these purchases and tracking inventory. If you need more information, contact the library technician (572-5075).

  1. Materials for mission needs can be funded and procured by the library. The Library Director is responsible for purchasing mission essential materials for units on base and affiliated with the base. The Air Force defines mission essential information resources as publications and services that directly bear on the functions, initiatives, and operations of Air Force agencies. Use and necessity, not content alone, determines mission essentiality and the functional (unit) commander or flight chief certifies that mission essentiality.
  2. The purchase of materials is normally from January 1st to July 1st of each year, depending on when central funds are dropped. The library is unable to purchase for offices from August to December. Purchase requests for offices are on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  3. Materials are requested through a Library Publication Request (PDF) provided by the Base Library. Materials are hand-receipted to the office (Indefinite Loan). Offices with library materials must keep a current Library Custodian Appointment Letter (Word format) on file with the base library. Units must also keep accountability of the material and return it to the library when it is no longer of use to the unit. There is an annual inventory of office collections - a letter of each account's holdings is sent to the specific unit. The inventory normally takes place late August to mid-October.
  4. Yearly subscriptions supplied to offices are reviewed each year. Units using the subscriptions can do a randomly selected inventory. As long as funds are available the librarian will not eliminate office subscriptions without notification to the office. However, the Library Director has the right to eliminate office subscriptions at any time.
  5. Office materials not funded with Central APFs (for complete list, refer to AFI 34-213):
    1. Non-mission support recreational publications and materials for dayrooms, lodging, air terminals, VIP aircraft, distinguished visitor's lounges, recreation centers, family support centers, youth activity facilities, and hospital and clinic waiting rooms.
    2. Training aids and multiple copies of materials for use in military and civilian education programs, family support centers, and religious activities.
    3. Copies of dictionaries, thesauri and other books available from base supply or publishing distribution offices (PDO) for office use.
    4. Technical publications normally furnished by manufacturers for equipment maintenance and operation.
    5. Promotion fitness examination (PFE) and specialty knowledge test (SKT) guides.
    6. National Safety Council Publications.
    7. Decisions of the Comptroller General. The Government Accounting Office (GAO) provides free copies to government agencies upon request.
    8. Materials to support military exercises.
    9. Personal purchases of materials.
    10. Visual information products for offices, organization and agencies supported by AFLIS, which are not information products.
    11. Visual information products such as videos, films, and the like.
    12. Computer applications software programs.
    13. Microforms required for non-library use.
    14. Defense Mapping Agency products.
    15. Sheet and book music.
  6. Some units are not allowed to purchase through the library. For specifics on what can/cannot be purchased, please contact the library technician (572-5075) .

In closing, an Office Account is an extension of the Base Library's Reference Collection. The books are government property and will be maintained as such. If an account custodianship will be changing hands, an inventory needs to be conducted by the outgoing and incoming custodians and a new letter of appointment sent to the library. The custodian is responsible for all books on their account.

The library also needs to be notified as soon as possible if you miss an issue of your library funded subscription. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can get a trace on the item.

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